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Fremont Troll (32) and Gas Works Park (97)

No class on Wednesday? Why not get a jump on my bucket list!

At around 1 o’clock I decided to head over to the Fremont troll. For any non-Seattle readers, Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle close to the U-district. Underneath the aurora bridge lives a giant slab of concrete art, better known as, the troll.

So I took my bike, my camera, and advice from Google maps and headed on my way. I am new to biking this city, so I trusted Google maps to take me to the troll. Well, I took 40th street pretty much as far as I could until I hit a steep hill. Instead of straying from my pre-calculated path, I continued up this monster. Let it be known, my bike is a mountain bike, not some light, big wheeled, road bike, so this climb was a lot more strenuous than you’d imagine. After I struggled to reach the top, I needed a break for my newly gelatinous legs.

After a short break I was ready to cruise down hill. That didn’t last long; I was soon met again by more hills. This time, with the bridge insight, I decided to walk the few blocks up to the troll as others biked right on by. I guess the bucket list item “get in shape” should be one of my priorities.

Upon arriving to the troll I was surprised I was not the only one. It was Wednesday around 1:30 in the afternoon and there were about 9 people taking pictures and climbing on the troll. Prior to seeing the troll, I really did not know what to expect. I hadn’t looked at pictures so I went in with no expectations. Well, the troll has got to be over 20 feet tall and is even holding a Volkswagen beetle. Needless to say, I was impressed and inspired. The troll was built in effort to strengthen the Fremont community through art (the community voted on the design and troll was selected). Still being new to Seattle, I can really appreciate this sort of movement. Back east, you don’t get much love for the arts, at least not where I resided in suburban north jersey or New Brunswick. It is interesting to see how, even in a major city like Seattle, community can still exist, and in fact, collectively make something that is noticed, respected, and frankly, cool.

Troll description

The Troll!

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Go to a Mariners Game (2) & Sit Front Row at Any Event (88)

First off, I wish I had more pictures for this entry, but it was well before I even did not start the blog, nor was my camera unpacked. So, as a result, this blog has a few shitty iPhone photos, but it’ll do.

My first Mariners game starts, nicely enough, at orientation. Near the end of orientation, as we are all getting ready for the tour of campus, I realized I needed to meet a friend more my age (no offense to any other MCDMers I might have met that day). So I approached a fellow named Ian and we ended up talking about sports, snowboarding, and television; My kind of conversation. We ended up talking most of the tour instead of really paying attention to where we were going. Almost immediately after the tour ended, we decided to get a couple of beers over at Earl’s on the Ave. I mean, we just sat through a 4-hour orientation we clearly needed some drinks!

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Go up to Mt. Rainier (12)

It is hard to ignore the beauty that is Mt. Rainier when you live in Seattle. Everyday people turn to the south east to get a glimpse of the mountain that completes the powerful skyline. But this massive volcano, which is the second largest mountain in North America, is not easy to get to from Seattle. Luckily for me, I was able to get out to the mountain while my parents were still here with a car. What better way to do things on a budget than to have others pay for it?

It was our first full day in Seattle and we already had plans for the day. We knew we wanted to head up to Mt. Rainier National Park, where this seemingly untouchable mountain becomes a playground for hikers, campers, and photographers. We set out for the mountain early on a beautiful clear and sunny day. The temperature was mid 50’s as we travelled out of the urban Seattle area and into more rural towns. Once off the major highway, there were several ten mile stretches of road where not a car nor house was encountered, something my family isn’t used to coming from New Jersey. As we turned up the heat in our vehicle and watched as we lost service on satellite radio, we were uncertain of what we had gotten ourselves into, even as experienced hikers.

Mt. Rainier Entrance

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I moved to Seattle, Washington a little over two weeks ago with an opportunity. Not only am I starting a great program at the University of Washington, but I am also allotted the chance to explore, learn, and change. In effort to ensure I won’t waste all of my time sleeping in, studying all day, and watching television on my free time, I created a list. The list is filled with 99 things I want to accomplish this year, or however long it may take. The list will challenge me in several ways, but I believe you learn the most about yourself in the face of a challenge. As a kicker, but in reality because I can’t afford to do it any other way, I have decided to do the list by spending as little money as possible. Whether it be focusing on free options, hunting for deals, or straight up bartering for what I want, I am determined to do this list on a budget. The goal is to not only do this for myself, but also show people that everyday does not need to be routine.

So, I present you the first version (I am sure there will be revisions) of “THE LIST

  1. Go to the top of the Space Needle
  2. Go to a Mariners Game
  3. Go to a Seahawks Game
  4. Go to a Sounders game
  5. Read an entire Newspaper front to back for a week
  6. Volunteer for a day
  7. Take a Yoga class
  8. Buy something local at the Pike Place Market
  9. See the Huskies play a ranked team
  10. Sample multiple food trucks
  11. Jump in the Puget Sound
  12. Go up to Mount Rainier
  13. Eat like a vegetarian for a week
  14. Try a new cuisine
  15. Cook my own 5 star meal
  16. Paseo Cuban sandwich
  17.  Read for fun
  18. Go to the top of Smith Tower
  19. Check out Vancouver, BC
  20. Keep in touch with old friends
  21. Watch all of the IMDB Top 100 Movies
  22. Refrain from expletives for a week
  23. Go to a free concert
  24. Go to a concert of a band I have never heard nor heard of before
  25. Find the best cup of coffee in town
  26. Go on a brewery tour
  27. Go to Olympic National Park
  28. Snowboard Snowboard Snowboard.
  29. Head up to the top of Volunteer Park Water Tower
  30. Take a stunning picture of Seattle skyline
  31. Go to Seattle Art Museum
  32. Check out the Fremont Troll
  33. Spend an entire day outside
  34. Go Camping
  35. Graffiti something (Legally)
  36. See the northern lights
  37. Get a tattoo
  38. Caffeine free for a week
  39. Go to a debate
  40. Get involved in clubs
  41. Get fit
  42. Study in Suzzallo Library
  43. Stop biting my nails and other anxious tendencies
  44. Experience Music Project
  45. See a minor league baseball game
  46. Create something that gets noticed
  47. Learn the ins-and outs of my Camera
  48. Master photoshop
  49. Explore Fremont
  50. Create Art
  51. Write how I feel more
  52. Vote!
  53. Go to San Juan Islands
  54. Write an Opinion piece for a local newspaper
  55. Explore Ballard
  56. Try an alternative lifestyle
  57. Go to Tacoma
  58. Win Bar Trivia
  59. Bike all of Burke-Gilman Trail
  60. Learn all about something I currently don’t know anything about
  61. Grow a beard (This won’t be pretty)
  62. Reconnect with an old friend
  63. Make plans to travel
  64. Donate
  65. Add to the gum wall
  66. Eat at some of Seattles “Must eat” places
  67. Exchange fruits and veggies for junk food
  68. Go Rock climbing
  69. Explore Capital Hill
  70. Get brunch at the Portage Café
  71. Go to a religious ceremony
  72. Go to a farmers market and buy fresh
  73. Delete my Facebook for a week
  74. Olympic Sculpture Park
  75. Finish “The Wire”
  76. Explore Pioneer Square
  77. Go to Chihuly Gardens and glass
  78. Go up to Kerry Park
  79. Go to Discovery Park
  80. Go dumpster diving
  81. Try a drink at original Starbucks
  82. Rent a car and just drive aimlessly
  83. Visit someone in the hospital
  84. Go sea kayaking
  85. See a whale
  86. Learn a card trick
  87. Get on the radio
  88. Sit front row at any event
  89.  Go to a comedy show
  90. Start a collection
  91. Host some sort of party
  92. Snap a picture of a license plate from every state
  93.  Make people proud of me
  94. Take a water taxi
  95. Write a letter to my congressman
  96. Get an internship
  97. Go to Gas Works park
  98. Call my grandparents
  99. Write and record a rap


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