Friday Update

Nothing to cross off the list, but I am making progress on a few items at a time.  I have started riding my bike every other day to start my  efforts to get fit. With my mountain bike, I ride from the University District down to the Burke-Gilman trail and then ride to the end in Ballard. Once  I get there, I turn around and head home. The entire ride is about 7 miles, which I do quite quickly. At the very least, I feel healthier and its nice to get out and see the views of Seattle. I hope to continue to bike more and more, soon adding more hills and distance. What is nice about the trail is that it is quite wide and mostly flat. I find the hills to be tough in Seattle, especially with a heavy mountain bike. As I get more interested in biking, I may look to upgrade to a nicer road bike where hills will seem less daunting, but for now I am content with my affordable bicycle and free exercise.

With my health in mind, I have also tried to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fibers. I want to be healthy when I am young, and Seattle is a great place to get inspired to be fit. I pass countless people on the trail everyday. It seems everyone is out biking, running, skateboarding, or just strolling. I know that getting in shape will have benefits to my physical and mental health.


I have also made efforts to get involved in clubs. Being a huge snowboarder, I made sure to join the snowboarding club. I reached out to the president for more information and think the club will be great for me. Not only is it a great way to meet new people with similar interests, but it involves me doing my favorite thing, snowboarding. Rutgers never had a snowboard club, so I feel like I missed out on meeting snowboarders at Rutgers and going on school organized trips. Washington’s club organizes trips, gets your discounts, and organizes carpooling to the mountain through the week. It even covers the gas money, which means I can get up to the mountains for a reasonable price. Needless to say, I am excited to get up in the mountains where the fluffy powder is waiting for my waxed board to glide through it. I have been lucky enough to snowboard in many great places on multiple continents, but I have always wanted to ride a powder day at Mt. Baker and go up to Whistler. Soon, I will have that chance, and I can’t wait. Here’s a video to show just how awesome Mt. Baker is!

For anyone who is making a list of things to do, you can’t overlook getting in shape, or for many of you, staying in shape. And for someone in a new place like myself, the best way to meet new people and get out of your room is to get involved in clubs!

More Info:

Mt. Baker

Husky Snowboard Team

Burke-Gilman Trail



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