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Fremont. Quite a cool place. I woke up in the morning knowing I wanted to do something on my list. Weather is perfect, leaves are changing, and I needed to get out of my small apartment. I have heard great things about Fremont and have already been to the troll, so I took the opportunity to get to know the area conveniently close to University of Washington.

Eat a peanut butter and jelly. I am on a budget after all. Still new to the city, I had to look up which bus to take to Fremont. I hop on the 31 with ease and sit down watching streets I don’t know fly by. Freaking out I missed my stop, I decided to get off on a random busy street. I wasn’t really sure where the happening part of Fremont was, so I figured I would find it on my own. I got off and walked through a residential neighborhood. After walking up a hill I reached a highway. Obviously wrong. I head back down the hill and walk up the street to a bridge that crosses the highway. I reach Fremont Street. Seems like a safe bet to take me to a place worth checking out.

I walk down the hill, which is covered with dying leaves and big trees hanging over the sidewalk. Reminds me of the Northeast and its beautiful foliage. Heading further down the street I finally reach the lively part of Fremont. Fremont, which has the sign labeling the area “The center of the universe”, is a very artsy, fun section of the city. I walked around the area checking out the little shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Center of the universe

Some cool things to see in Fremont, other than the troll:

Cold Stone Creamery

The cold stone creamery: It sounds stupid, but it actually has some interesting architecture around the building. Why wouldn’t you stop in for an ice cream on a warm day and check out the area.

The people waiting for the bus: nothing more than just a few statues waiting at a bus stop for a bus that never comes. People like to dress them up and put signs on them, making this just another funky aspect to Fremont that adds character.

The rocket: This statue is on top of a store and has sign in front explaining exactly what it is. The rocket is from the cold war era that was going to be sent to the junkyard for scrap. Instead, Fremont took it and made it into art. The rocket bears the official Fremont crest and motto, De Libertas Quirkas, which means ‘Freedom to be peculiar’.

After walking around the small area I yelped the best coffee spot in the area. Peet’s Coffee and Tea came up. It’s a small chain that I have seen before in Seattle, but it had a nice outdoor seating place, so I stopped in for a pumpkin latte and an apple streusel muffin. Both were delicious and a nice way to bring in the fall weather that will soon be hitting the Pacific Northwest with full force.

After my lunch, I decided to walk over the Fremont Bridge, which is a drawbridge over the lake union. Still wanting to see more, I decided to walk to Brouwer’s café, which is listed as one of the best beer bars in Seattle. Nearly empty at 3 in the afternoon, I sat down at the bar and browsed the menu. 64 beers on tap and over 300 bottles overwhelmed me. I haven’t seen a list this extensive since my time living in Brussels and Delirium Café, though nothing compares to that. The café is Belgian themed, so they have tons of Belgian bottles. Prices are expensive for bottles, some 750 ML ranging to 60 bucks, but these are bottles that are extremely hard to find or vintages, so for any beer lover it may be worth the prices. I’m on a budget, so I stuck with a beer on tap I have never had before, Maritime Pacific Imperial Double Dry-Hopped IPA. It was tasty and affordable. Overall, I will definitely be back to Brouwer’s Café with some friends who are interested in trying some top quality beer.

Overall, Fremont is an awesome place to check out for the day, go out for a drink at night, or live. With Adobe and Google both located by the water, Fremont is a great place with some great views. Little did I know, the Burke-Gilman trail I had been riding on is just 2 blocks away, making it easy to ride my bike to this quaint area of Seattle.

One thing I didn’t like was the looks I was getting for having my camera out. I was the only one taking pictures, and people seemed to be a little put off about that.

If you are in Seattle and want to check out a small, lively, artsy section that is a change of pace from downtown, I would definitely put Fremont on your bucket list. There is plenty to see just by walking around for free and affordable little coffee shops the whole way.

Completed on: Oct. 8th, 2012

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Brouwers Cafe

Fremont Rocket


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