Delete my Facebook for a week (73)

If you go on Facebook you won’t find me. Something I haven’t been able to say for 4 years. Something that goes against common practice for someone my age. I have been toying with the decision to delete my Facebook for quite some time, but being a digital media student it has been hard to let go. Last Sunday I decided to pull the trigger and delete my Facebook.

I found myself spending too much time on Facebook. If I was on my computer or phone, I had to check it. It turned into an impulsive habit. If I were reading an article for class, or writing a paper, I would periodically have to check my Facebook. I knew it wasn’t good, but it was hard to control myself when it was just a click away. I needed to change that.

The first day I deleted my Facebook was tough. I felt disconnected. Every time I opened my browser, I caught myself in the middle of going to Facebook. It is a feeling of disconnect that overwhelms. Now, after a week I feel good about my decision. I have seen my friend check his on my computer and did not feel any urges to reactivate my own.

I must say, however, I do feel disconnected from some friends and activities that I know are planned online. Especially for my graduate program, there are many advantages of Facebook, where it is used as a platform to reach people for planning events, connecting to employers, and getting work done. I think after a long detox, I will be able to reactivate my account and feel less connected. For now, I am going to continue to live without and stay focused.

If anyone were thinking of doing something similar, I would recommend it. I feel good not always checking my Facebook to read the torpid statuses. If and when I do reactivate my account, I will be downsizing my friend’s list to less than 100.


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