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Go up to Mt. Rainier (12)

It is hard to ignore the beauty that is Mt. Rainier when you live in Seattle. Everyday people turn to the south east to get a glimpse of the mountain that completes the powerful skyline. But this massive volcano, which is the second largest mountain in North America, is not easy to get to from Seattle. Luckily for me, I was able to get out to the mountain while my parents were still here with a car. What better way to do things on a budget than to have others pay for it?

It was our first full day in Seattle and we already had plans for the day. We knew we wanted to head up to Mt. Rainier National Park, where this seemingly untouchable mountain becomes a playground for hikers, campers, and photographers. We set out for the mountain early on a beautiful clear and sunny day. The temperature was mid 50’s as we travelled out of the urban Seattle area and into more rural towns. Once off the major highway, there were several ten mile stretches of road where not a car nor house was encountered, something my family isn’t used to coming from New Jersey. As we turned up the heat in our vehicle and watched as we lost service on satellite radio, we were uncertain of what we had gotten ourselves into, even as experienced hikers.

Mt. Rainier Entrance

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