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Start a Collection (90)

To some of you, this may just look like trash piling up in my room. I swear I am not a hoarder. Rather, these bottles are part of a collection that I recently started back in New Jersey and have decided to continue out here in Seattle.

My collection for beer bottles is a recent thing I started back in July. Since my time spent in Brussels, I have grown an amazing appreciation for beer; Specifically, craft beer. It’s rather funny that this has become such a passion of mine, because prior to my junior year of college, I hated beer. And I mean hated. I was the one who wouldn’t touch even a light beer because I couldn’t stand the taste. I can trace my repulsion back to a party at my friend’s house early on in High School where I drank too much Coors light and, well, you know how those stories usually end.


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