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Go To A Concert At The Neptune Theater (23)

This year the Huskies have beaten two top ten teams at home. The first time I was stuck in class on a Thursday night as we held off the Stanford Cardinals. The second, I was at a concert at Neptune Theater while the Huskies beat Oregon State. While I do feel a bit of disappointment that I missed both, I’ve come to the conclusion it is destiny. My New Jersey blood does not add to the positive mix in the stadium to will the team to pull off the upset.

Instead, I had my first, and definitely not my last, encounter with the Neptune Theater. The theater is located on 45th street, less than 2 blocks from school and only 2 blocks up form my apartment. The commute is extremely easy, something I’ve never had my entire life and it has often factored into me skipping shows. When you live so close to a venue, its much easier to go to a show you when you don’t really know the artist. It takes all of twenty minutes to walk up the street, see if they have cheap tickets, and then either go in or walk home. Though this wasn’t the case for my first concert there, I will be implementing that strategy going forward.

Earlier on in the day of the event, I decided I didn’t want to go to the Huskies game that I had tickets for. It was cold, rainy, the game was late, far, and we were probably going to get blown out (I was wrong). Instead, I bought a ticket to a show I had been contemplating for quite some time but never pulled the trigger. Early on in the day, I uttered those magical words that make parents ears bleed, “fuck it”, and bought the ticket. I was pretty psyched, even though I would be going to a concert alone. You might ask, “but Dan, doesn’t going to a concert alone bother you? Don’t you have any friends.” Well, two things. In my life, I have gone to many concerts and sporting events by myself. I used to work on a project that had me going to over 30 sporting events and concerts by myself to survey the arena’s concessions stands. At first you feel a bit weird, but overall it is still a good time and it has become something I have gotten used to. Also, the concert I was going to see, Dan Deacon, is a very…unique, act. Certainly not everyone’s cup of latte (its Seattle, tea just wouldn’t be fitting). I decided to not even try to find a friend to go in fear they would have a bad time.

Saturday day came and went. I spent my time watching football with some friends, doing some homework, and just relaxing. At about 8:45 I decided to throw on my costume, which was a ridiculous 80’s outfit my friend Sam and I bought at the Goodwill the night before, and head up to the theater. The show started at 9, and even though I didn’t know the opening acts, I had nothing better to do. I walk up to no line, grab my ticket, which was at will call, and headed in. The Theater is medium sized, which is quite small compared to what I was used to in New York. I headed to the bar in the back because there were a total of 30 people in the venue at this time, what else was I to do. I grabbed a beer on tap and sat down for the show to start. Unfortunately I had to resort to my iPhone camera.

80’s D-bag?


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