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Go to a Mariners Game (2) & Sit Front Row at Any Event (88)

First off, I wish I had more pictures for this entry, but it was well before I even did not start the blog, nor was my camera unpacked. So, as a result, this blog has a few shitty iPhone photos, but it’ll do.

My first Mariners game starts, nicely enough, at orientation. Near the end of orientation, as we are all getting ready for the tour of campus, I realized I needed to meet a friend more my age (no offense to any other MCDMers I might have met that day). So I approached a fellow named Ian and we ended up talking about sports, snowboarding, and television; My kind of conversation. We ended up talking most of the tour instead of really paying attention to where we were going. Almost immediately after the tour ended, we decided to get a couple of beers over at Earl’s on the Ave. I mean, we just sat through a 4-hour orientation we clearly needed some drinks!

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