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Keep In Touch With Old Friends (20)

Seattle and New Jersey are not very close. In fact, according to Google, if I were to drive home the most direct route of 2,834 miles, it would take 46 hours.  Seeing as many of my friends still live in the state commonly nicknamed “the dirty jerz”, and I have no plans to return for quite sometime, keeping in touch is a major priority of mine. Lucky for us frugal folk, keeping in touch no longer requires a run to the payphone or spending the cents on stamps.

Some buds coming in 2nd place at Bar Trivia

So far in Seattle, I have found keeping touch with my friends quite easy, even without a Facebook. It may feel overwhelming for anyone moving far away, distancing themselves from their friends, but you’ll have to quickly get over the fact you won’t be able to physically be with them.  That does not mean you aren’t part of their lives, you just have taken on a different role! There are alternative though, ranging from one to one video chats to group messages. Here’s how I have been managing :


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