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Go to a Huskies Basketball Game (52)

College Basketball is back, and for me, it finally feels good to go to a school where making the tournament is not just something desired, but almost expected. Over the last 4 years, the Washington Huskies have either won the PAC 10 Tournament or won the conference out right, meaning the Huskies have been dancing 3 of the last 4 years (snubbed in 2012). In 2010, the Huskies even went to the Sweet 16, where they fell to West Virginia.

With their recent history and myself being a huge sports fan, it may come to no surprise that going to a game was on my to-do list. As an added bonus, it was ANOTHER free sporting event due to connections in Seattle. Thanks to Ian’s uncle, who serves on the board of regents here at Washington, we were able to get 2 free tickets to see the Huskies take on the Loyola Great Danes at the Alaskan Airlines Arena on Sunday.


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Study in Suzzallo Library (42)

If you do a quick search of things to do in Seattle, surprisingly, a library will come up, and for good reason. The Seattle Public Library is a beautifully modern building located downtown. The building, which is almost entirely glass, or so it appears, is a unique design with angular windows with diamond patterns all over. The library is something you should certainly see if in the area. But when I think of beautiful libraries, it is hard to overlook the one that I walk by everyday on campus, Suzzallo Library.

Often referred as being the “Hogwarts library” by those not knowing its name, Suzzallo has been recognized as one of the nicest libraries in the country, and for good reason (heres a link for all you non-believers). Naturally, I wanted to spend a day in the library studying rather than in my tiny room. So I packed up by bag with my books and laptop and headed towards Suzzallo. Walking through red square, the giant, gothic looking building is constantly in your peripherals, reminding you that school is actually for studying. I stopped to get some food at one of the food trucks then headed into Suzzallo.

At first Suzzallo greets you like any other library. I walked into some metal detectors, an open room with some stairs and a café. I head up the stairs to the reading room that looks like the main dining hall from Hogwarts. What a place to study. I walk with my mouth open as I admire the stained glass, tall ceilings and awesome architecture. I finally choose a seat, which is a wooden chair with some armrests, not the most comfortable place to sit my ass for 5 hours. I unloaded my bag as quietly as I could, but the room is an echo chamber. Ever time you drop a pencil, the room echoes. The rest of my story is pretty bland, as I sat reading and listening to music. Some kid seating two seats over slammed his head on the light over hang in the middle of the table, which made for some comedy and laughs from the room.

After 5 hours and a changing of day to night, I decided to head home, only to read and do more homework. Overall it was a boring day, but it was a nice change of scenery, especially if you go from a white room to an awesome library. Anyone who has been to the University of Washington knows the beauty of the campus and the library, so if you are visiting Seattle and are looking for a nice place to walk through, read, or just admire, be sure to put the University of Washington and Suzzallo on your list. I will certainly be back.

Here is a photograph of how the library looks with a good camera, which I found off Flickr.

Note: In order to not be “that guy” I quickly snapped photos with my iPhone camera.

More Info:

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