The List

  1. Go to the top of the Space Needle
  2. Go to a Mariners Game
  3. Go to a Seahawks Game
  4. Go to a Sounders game
  5. Read an entire Newspaper front to back for a week
  6. Volunteer for a day
  7. Take a Yoga class
  8. Buy something local at the Pike Place Market
  9. See the Huskies play a ranked team
  10. Sample multiple food trucks
  11. Jump in the Puget Sound
  12. Go up to Mount Rainier
  13. Eat like a vegetarian for a week
  14. Try a new cuisine
  15. Cook my own 5 star meal
  16. Paseo Cuban sandwich
  17.  Read for fun
  18. Go to the top of Smith Tower
  19. Check out Vancouver, BC
  20. Keep in touch with old friends
  21. Watch all of the IMDB Top 100 Movies
  22. Refrain from expletives for a week
  23. Go to a concert at the Neptune Theater
  24. Go to a concert of a band I have never heard nor heard of before
  25. Find the best cup of coffee in town
  26. Go on a brewery tour
  27. Go to Olympic National Park
  28. Snowboard Snowboard Snowboard.
  29. Head up to the top of Volunteer Park Water Tower
  30. Take a stunning picture of Seattle skyline
  31. Go to Seattle Art Museum
  32. Check out the Fremont Troll
  33. Spend an entire day outside
  34. Go Camping
  35. Graffiti something (Legally)
  36. See the northern lights
  37. Get a tattoo
  38. Caffeine free for a week
  39. Go to a debate
  40. Get involved in clubs
  41. Get fit
  42. Study in Suzzallo Library
  43. Stop biting my nails and other anxious tendencies
  44. Experience Music Project
  45. See a minor league baseball game
  46. Create something that gets noticed
  47. Learn the ins-and outs of my Camera
  48. Master photoshop
  49. Explore Fremont
  50. Create Art
  51. Write how I feel more
  52. Go to a Huskies Basketball game
  53. Go to San Juan Islands
  54. Write an Opinion piece for a local newspaper
  55. Explore Ballard
  56. Try an alternative lifestyle
  57. Go to Tacoma
  58. Win Bar Trivia
  59. Bike all of Burke-Gilman Trail
  60. Learn all about something I currently don’t know anything about
  61. Grow a beard (This won’t be pretty)
  62. Reconnect with an old friend
  63. Make plans to travel
  64. Donate
  65. Add to the gum wall
  66. Eat at some of Seattles “Must eat” places
  67. Exchange fruits and veggies for junk food
  68. Go Rock climbing
  69. Explore Capital Hill
  70. Get brunch at the Portage Café
  71. Go to a religious ceremony
  72. Go to a farmers market and buy fresh
  73. Delete my Facebook for a week
  74. Olympic Sculpture Park
  75. Finish “The Wire”
  76. Explore Pioneer Square
  77. Go to Chihuly Gardens and glass
  78. Go up to Kerry Park
  79. Go to Discovery Park
  80. Go dumpster diving
  81. Try a drink at original Starbucks
  82. Rent a car and just drive aimlessly
  83. Visit someone in the hospital
  84. Go sea kayaking
  85. See a whale
  86. Learn a card trick
  87. Get on the radio
  88. Sit front row at any event
  89.  Go to a comedy show
  90. Start a collection
  91. Host some sort of party
  92. Snap a picture of a license plate from every state
  93.  Make people proud of me
  94. Take a water taxi
  95. Write a letter to my congressman
  96. Get an internship
  97. Go to Gas Works park
  98. Call my grandparents
  99. Write and record a rap



One response to “The List

  1. Love this list. It will be fun to see how you combine some of these… awesome pictures from the M’s game also.

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